Is the human history a fiction?

Alexander Moshev, Sofia



In the year 2000 the Bulgarian publishing house "Litera Prima" published a Bulgarian tranlation of the book "Erfundene Geschichte" by Uwe Toper with a Bulgarian title, which means "Is human history a fiction?".

The book became a bestseller in Sofia and entered the top 10 list of the best selling books of the week in the weekly newspaper "168 hours".

The Bulgarian critic Georgi Zankov wrote positive notes in the daily newspaper "Noshten Trud".

The book also attracted the attention of professional historians, such as Ass. Prof. Zvetana Cholova from the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

"Is human history a fiction?" became one of the main topics of discussion at the biggest outdoor bookmarket in Sofia - "Slaveykov" Square.

All the copies of the edition were sold rather quickly in Sofia and now are not available at the bookstores, but I was lucky to bye a copy very shortly after "Is human history a fiction?" came out.