"Historical Almanac" – a new Bulgarian magazine
presenting an alternative view on Bulgarian history

An overview of the first issue

By Alexander Moshev, Sofia

The "Historical Almanac" is a new magazine in Bulgarian language ("Istoricheski almanah” in Bulgarian) which was founded in 1999 by Bulgarian writer and publisher Yasen Kavada (real name Yasen Stoyanov Kavadarkov, born at the June 30
th, 1961 in Sofia), who has published some 10 books. His last two books (1999 and 2000) have the same title "Mistakes in the Bulgarian history" but deal with different time periods: till 1244 the first (232 pp.) and after 1244 the second (126 pp.).
The purpose of the almanac is to promote a different view on Bulgarian ancient and medieval history. So far two issues were published and the third was edited and is in preparation for publication. The almanac contains articles on various subjects, all united with the idea of a new approach to Bulgarian and Balkan history.
The first issue of the "Historical Almanac” (24 pp.) contains the following articles:

Jordan Tabov: Bulgarians are an ancient Balkan people.
The article oppose to the opinion that Bulgaria was founded in the 7
th century AD by a "Turk nomad tribe”. The author, Jordan Tabov, a prominent Bulgarian researcher, bases his statement on Byzantine chronic writers and considers as an example Theophylactus Simokatta. In his book "History” Simokatta points out, that in 585 AD Bulgarians inhabited the present day Bulgarian lands. Something which is ignored by the "official historiography”.

Alexander Moshev: Ancient Bulgarians and Egypt – new discoveries.
The author compares archaeological artefacts from the Balkans and from Ancient Egypt. He finds a rather unexpected similarity between pottery, weapons and jewellery found in different necropolis in Bulgaria (7-10
th century AD) and in Tel-ed-Daba (Egypt), which are dated by Egyptologists to 17-15th centuries BC. Are the 22 centuries inbetween a result of a false chronology?

Biliana Kavada: on the possible etymology of some words.
The author (a Bulgarian philologist) presents a new etymology of some names of Ancient Gods, ethnic names etc.

Yasen Kavadarkov: a revision of the Byzantine history.
The editor and publisher of the "Historical Almanac" gives a totally new perspective on the Byzantine history. The relations between different ethnic groups in the Byzantine Empire, the role of the four main "parties”, little known facts about Byzantine Emperors are included in the article.

Remark: Alexander Moshev, 28, is a student of the historical faculty, New Bulgarian University, Sofia