Workshop on:

Fifty years after Velikovsky’s "Worlds in Collision" :

classical and new scenarios on evolution of solar system.

Bergamo, October 20 and 21 , 2001


Scientific Program


Saturday 20th, morning:

Prof. Emilio Spedicato, Un. Bergamo: Introduction to the workshop

Prof. Federico Di Trocchio, Un. di Lecce: Velikovsky as a rejected genius

Dr. Shulamit Velikovsky, Haifa, Israel: Velikovsky ed Einstein: facts and personal recollections

Dr. Jan Sammer, Prague: The Velikovsky website and his unpublished monographs

Alfred De Grazia and Immanuel Velikovsky (presented by Amy De Grazia, Princeton-Angouleme-Naxos): A final memoir, November 14th, 1979

Saturday 20th, Afternoon:

Prof. Alfred De Grazia, Princeton, Angouleme and Naxos: Before Velikovsky’s worlds in collision: the Solaria Binaria scenario

Prof. Laurence Dixon, Un. Hertfordshire, UK: Planetary orbital changes proposed by Velikovsky do not conflict with conservation laws

Admiral Dr. Flavio Barbiero, Naval Academy, Livorno: On the possibility of fast changes in Earth axis after impacts by external bodies

Dr. Walter Baltensperger, Brazilian Center for Research in Physics, Rio de Janeiro: Geographic shift of Earth’s pole positions after a close encounter with an object of planetary size

Prof. Emilio Spedicato, Un. Bergamo: Evidence of a super Tungusca impact over Pacific Ocean in year 1178 AD

Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Un. of Cardiff, UK: New insight into the origin of life

Dr. Antonino Del Popolo, Un. Bergamo: Extrasolar planetary systems: observational evidence and theoretical problems


Sunday 21rst, morning:

Prof. Erasmo Recami, Un. Bergamo: Catastrophism and uniformitarism in history of astronomy

Dr. Dwardu Cardona, Editor of Aeon, Vancouver: Saturn before the Sun

Dr. Charles Ginenthal, Editor of The Velikovskyan, New York: Velikovsky ideas on the role of electromagnetism in the evolution of the Universe

Dr. Adalberto Notarpietro, CNR, Milano: Earth in Upheaval of Velikovsky and extraterrestrial catastrophism in Earth geology

Final discussion and workshop end.

A website with information on how to participate and on lodging in Bergamo is expected to be ready in April.

Information can now be obtained by contacting prof. Emilio Spedicato at Emilio Spedicato []

Social events

Friday 19th, evening: dinner at Restaurant Colleoni, Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

Saturday 20th,

noon: lunch at BW Hotel Cappello d’ Oro

evening: dinner at Countess D’ Amico Finardi home with guitar/song concert (Agnese Spedicato)

Sunday 21th,

noon: lunch at BW Hotel Cappello d’ Oro

afternoon: transfer to Milan by train, possibly piano concert with soprano at Casa Verdi

evening: dinner at Restaurant Papa’ Francesco, between Piazza Duomo and Piazza Scala, Sardinian food fish menu (restaurant owned by a former student of Spedicato)